When my then fiancé approached me about enlisting the services of a Wedding Planner, I was hesitant. I thought it was money that could be spent elsewhere and that we could manage on our own. I could not have been more wrong. Asking for Kelly's assistance was the second best decision I made for October 11th, the first - of course - was marrying my wife. There aren't enough reviews or kind words I could write about Kelly. They would all say something like: she was a God-send, or the day could not have gone off without her, or the amount of time and genuine attention she paid us was worth 100x more than what we paid. The phrase I'll settle on for now, though, is: she was our Ace in the Hole. Kelly gave us the advantage that, unfortunately, no one could see. They could not see the tireless effort and meticulous attention to detail that Kelly employed to prepare us for what would be a flawless day. Our guests could not see how quickly and efficiently she executed on the tasks we asked of her. Our guests could not see what Kelly did behind the scenes to organize the beautiful chaos of our wedding into a spectacular event...and she did all of this with a smile, warm reassurance, and an unspoken commitment to our happiness. What our guests DID SEE was the culmination of Kelly's expertise, the product of Kelly's selfless dedication...and one very new, and immensely grateful married couple. Any kind words or recommendations I could give about Kelly would fall short of what she deserves. Simply put: Kelly is incredible at what she does and the manner in which she does it; you want her on your team.
~ Michael & Ashley